Monastic Workers

Incumbency :

During the period covered by Audit, the following persons held the Office of the Secretary for the period mentioned against their names:

Swami Shantidananda (01-04-1985 to 05-06-1991)
Swami Sumedhananda (06-05-1991 to 30-11-1999) Swami Divyananda (01-12-1999 to 14-06-2002)
Swami Purnatmananda (15-06-2002 to 01-04-2012)  Swami Hitakamananda 02-04-2012 Onwards


Present Monastic Workers of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Agartala, Tripura as on 1-1-2018.
Name of Monastic Member Working Unit Serving Since:

Swami Hitakamananda    (Viveknagar, from 26.03.2012)  Swami Advitiyananda       (Viveknagar, from 29.06.2014)
 Swami Sunischitananda (Viveknagar, from 12.07.2018)
Swami Ekasthananda   (Dhaleswar, from 28.08.2015)

 Swami Shivajnanananda (Viveknagar, from 27.12.2013)

Swami Hitarupananda
(Viveknagar, 17-07-2019)

Swami Divyarasananda

Swami Samsiddhananda (Viveknagar, from 1.06.2018)

  Swami Jyotirananda         (Dhaleswar, from 02.04.2017)

    Swami Shantighanananda
(Viveknagar, 25-07-2019)

Swami Divyeshwarananda  (Viveknagar, from 23.07.2012)

Swami Nityavidananda (Dhaleswar, from 15.03.2015)
        Swami Vidyamritananda    (Viveknagar, from 15.07.2015)      Br. Shivachaitanya (Viveknagar, from 22.11.2017)   
    Br. Bhavanichaitanya (Viveknagar, from 22.11.2017)



Ex Monastic Members:

  Swami Radhamadhavananda   


Br. Chandan                      


Swami Shrutigitananda  

Br. Vivekachaitanya   (Viveknagar, from 22.05.2018)  

Authorized Contact Person:
Swami Hitakamananda
Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Agartala
P.O. : Viveknagar, P.S. Amtali, PIN : 799 130
City : Agartala, State : Tripura
District : West Tripura, Country : India

Contact Number: 7005436510
E-mail :